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The Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA is hosting 2013 THATCamp PRIME on June 7-8, 2013. They label themselves an “un-conference”, maybe best explained in their own words:

An unconference is to a conference what a seminar is to a lecture, what a party at your house is to a church wedding, what a pick-up game of Ultimate Frisbee is to an NBA game, what a jam band is to a symphony orchestra: it’s more informal and more participatory. To get the most out of THATCamp, have fun, be productive, and stay collegial. Don’t bring a presentation (unless you’re teaching a workshop). Propose a session and take charge of running it. Talk, make, teach, play. Listen.

Some of the sessions (or is workshop a better term?) already proposed include “powerpoint-cum-MadLibs” (which reads to me like some hellish version of our comprehensive exams) and a more traditional-sounding conversation about MOOCs.

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