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That’s so knitting club

I’ve been busy writing on 1930s California Surrealism for one of the last graduate seminars I’ll be taking, so it seemed fitting to try out an app that semi-randomly generates a Facebook status derived from your own personal corpus of past statuses – a textual artwork that (at least partly) surrenders to an automated process.

Quite a few are nostalgic for my undergrad years:

Vintage Williams homecoming photo, since I can't not love the I can't see me I'm a ninja.

This fool has brazenly ignored the Greylock Quad

Tunnel City is the mom shot, a.k.a ooohh let's get all over it.

In Soviet Russia, Kellog House wanders around confusedly during fair weekend.

Despite appearances, that's so knitting club.

Many are drawn from food-related posts:



To my contribution a semidisastrous honey cake. Oh god, not again!

Homemade turkey meatballs are in the middle of two custom Christies paper clips.

Some point to my professional obsessions:

The fight generally starts after you chose to surround yourself with an R tutorial.

My blood lies in 'dem dar footnotes...

Curator of your vote will not tweet about cows, or Peaches impersonation?

Marcel Duchamp is enjoying his more equivocal colleagues.

Uncomfortable, both with paintings, drawings, and sans winking.

And a very few straddle that border between the nonsensical and the poetic:

Experts discoursing on Thursday.

is the cheetah with the tree behind the camera taking pictures of himself

Tiny hotel room under restoration.

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