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Day of DH 2015

From this year’s hosts for “Day of DH”, Spain’s Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia:

A Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities (Day of DH) is an open community publication project that will bring together scholars interested in the digital humanities from around the world to document what they do on one day.

9:34 AM: First thing this morning I check on the status of an API-scraping script that I have been running for the past 48 hours in an attempt to harvest some museum data to incorporate into my dissertation project.

10:15 AM: Museum data has been on my mind quite a bit as I’ve prepared for a roundtable this Thursday on “Museusm in the Digital Age” at the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences DASER forum. Roger de Piles was quantifying style long before computer vision researchers started trying their hand at it.

<img src="/assets/images-display/piles1708.jpg" alt="The French art historian Roger de Piles ranked old master painters on "Composition", "Design", "Colors", and "Expression" in his 1708 ["Cours de peinture par principes"](">

The French art historian Roger de Piles ranked old master painters on “Composition”, “Design”, “Colors”, and “Expression” in his 1708 “Cours de peinture par principes”.

1:08 PM: I’ve spent much of the morning prepping some nice, clean museum datasets for a data visualization workshop next week at the Michelle Smith Collaboratory for Visual Culture at UMD. A lot of people want to learn about data visualization, and this is great! But, as many will tell you, some of the most taxing work (and easily the majority of your time) is spent preparing data for the visualization tool of your choice. We will definitely spend some time in the workshop going over the importance of data cleaning, and the fact that a lot of scholarly work actually happens at that step in the process. But by building a bunch of pre-munged datasets, I’m hoping that we can jump into analysis and visualization without discouraging the workshop attendees too much with the pains of data cleaning.

1:15 PM: I’m off for downtown DC for some decidedly non-digital work: giving a tour of the National Gallery of Art to my visiting grandmother!

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