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Summer 2014 Digital Art History Institutes

There are several different summer institutes being offered this year in digital humanities specifically tailored for art historians. Most are open to scholars of all levels and specialties, and they seek applicants of all digital skill levels. For the sake of convenience, I’ve pulled together quick links and descriptions for all of the institutes here.

The Getty Foundation is funding three separate institutes. All of these offer stipends covering travel and housing:

  • June 16–June 27, 2014: Beautiful Data at Harvard’s metaLAB. “Participants will be exposed to the core concepts, skills and practices necessary to make imaginative use of open collections data and assets, and to develop new forms of art-historical argument and storytelling that involve visualization, interactive media, expanded definitions of curatorial description, and hybrid analog/digital approaches to exhibition design and teaching.” (Applications open now)
  • July 7–18, 2014: Rebuilding the Portfolio: DH for Art Historians “is designed for 20 art historians, from different stages of their careers and from varied backgrounds, including faculty, curators, art librarians, and archivists who are eager to explore the digital turn in the humanities. We seek applications from individuals who have had very limited or no training in using digital methods and tools, or in computing.” (Applications open now, due March 14, 2014)
  • July 28–August 6, 2014: Beyond the Digitized Slide Library at UCLA. “Participants will learn about debates and key concepts in the digital humanities and gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques for art historical research (including metadata basics, data visualization, network graphs, and digital mapping).” (Applications open now, due March 1st. Note: open to faculty/staff only, no current graduate students)

The Kress Foundation is sponsoring one institute. Fellowships pay for tuition, room, board, and provide a travel stipend for all participants:

  • August 3–15, 2014: Summer Institute on Digital Mapping and Art History at Middlebury: “Co-directed by Paul B. Jaskot (DePaul University) and Anne Kelly Knowles (Middlebury College), the Summer Institute will emphasize how digital mapping of art historical evidence can open up new veins of research in art history as a whole.” (Applications open now, due March 3, 2014)

Several people have also written in about the “Visualizing Venice” summer workshop:

  • June 3–13, 2014: Visualizing Venice: the City and the Lagoon: “Participants will use the city and the lagoon as a ‘laboratory’ through which to examine questions such as change over time and dynamic process in urban and rural environments, showing how man-made spaces respond to social and economic process and transformation. The aim of the workshop is to train scholars in how new technologies can be integrated with the study of historical and material culture. The workshop will focus on a range of visualization tools that can be used in a wide variety of research areas, in particular modeling change over time in urban space and the production of maps and low-cost photogrammetry.”

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