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Summer 2015 Digital Art History Institutes

Some of the digital art history summer institutes from last year are returning for 2015! The Getty has renewed funding for these three institutes:

  • July 5 — July 15: Beyond the Digitized Slide Library at the University of California, Los Angeles: Participants will learn about debates and key concepts in the digital humanities and gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques for art historical research (including metadata basics, data visualization, network graphs, and digital mapping).” N.B. current graduate students are not eligible to apply. Applications are open now, and due March 1st.

  • July 6 — July 16: Beautiful Data II at Harvard University: “With art museums making both their imagery and collections data open and accessible, a question arises: what to do with it all? Participants will be introduced to concepts and skills necessary to make use of open collections to develop art-historical storytelling through data visualization, interactive media, enhanced curatorial description and exhibition practice, digital publication, and data-driven, object-oriented teaching.” Applications are open now, and due March 1st.

  • July 13 — July 24: Building a Digital Portfolio at George Mason University: “Participants will learn from experienced RRCHNM and GMU faculty whose expertise span a range of digital humanities methodologies. Together with returning Project Co-Directors, Sheila Brennan and Sharon Leon, are Lisa Rhody, Stephanie Westcott, Lincoln Mullen, and Michele Greet.” N.B.This institute is specifically open to students pursuing MAs or PhDs in art history. Applications open February 9th.

Obviously, I’m glad to update this post with any other summer programs that seem relevant.

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